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    做對社會有價值 對民生有貢獻的企業

    The ultimate goal of the company is to add value for the socicty and to improve the life of people.

    同心同行 共創共享

    Working together closely with our stakeholders and partners to create mutual values and benefits

    艱苦奮斗 不斷進取

    Work diligently in defiance of difficulties and make continued progress.

    態度決定高度 細節決定成敗

    The height of achievements is determind by the attitude and success.The failure is determind in the details.

    快速反應 迅速落實 執行到位 持之以恒

    Response quickly,carry out timely,execute precisely and decisively,and pursue our goals in apersistent way.

    地址:北京市東城區鼎城大廈/100120    電話:010-82809064/82809094    傳真:010-84136680

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